Blackpool youngsters’ exhibition says respect Stanley Park in wake of thefts

Youngsters from Blackpool Boys and Girls Club are calling on people to look after Stanley Park.

An exhibition at the park’s visitor centre calls on people to “enjoy not destroy” the park just days after people were left outraged by the theft of plants from a memorial garden there.

It has been put together by the youngsters in the club after discussions about just how much their local park means to them and how people leaving litter, broken bottles and pet owners not picking up dog mess makes them angry.

Dave Blacker , youth worker at the club said: “The young people from Mereside really feel strongly about the park.

“We discussed the wanton destruction and vandalism within Stanley Park and they added their disgust at those who thought it OK to leave broken bottles and dog mess their parks. ‘Their’ being the operative word.

“Their response has been to create individual artwork expressing – both Love of their parks and disgust at their abuse.”

The children at the club’s Victory Road club also took part and their thoughts ideas and images are on display until June 25.

Dave Blacker added: “These youngsters really love the park and the key message is that it is only a minority of young people who cause the problems. The children really care about their environment and that is reflected in the whole world not just the park.”

Elaine Smith from the Friends of Stanley Park said it was all too easy to look at young people in the park and wonder if they were up to no good.

She said: “The exhibition shows that so many of our children really do care. People can see they have made the effort and we are delighted to have this exhibition.

“We are looking to get funding to have their poster printed up and put on the bins throughout the park.”

Jasmine Gwillam


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