Wednesday Night is Senior Night @Mereside Boysie

Tonight the weather was not the best Storm Ali had defiantly hit Mereside still around 20 young people bared the storm and made it in. Great opportunity to ask the young people why they come into the club:

Seamus comes to the youth club because it gets him out the house and he loves to dance which he gets to do at the club.

Ruby comes to the youth club to also get her out the house and gets space away from her sister who Ruby describes as annoying ( but we think she is lovely) she also comes so she can hang around with her friends.

Kiera comes to the youth club to hang out with her friends and she says she gets to express herself here. Ruby seems to be expressing herself in the form of dance right behind Kiera.

We love to hear them talking about how the club is a safe space for them just to be themselves sometimes they can be serious and sometimes they can be silly either way they don’t feel judge.

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